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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

That Wind, The Winter Blows (review)

That Wind, The Winter Blows (review)

It was finally the conclusion of the K-drama I have been watching for the last month – March 2013. I am kinda sad for now since I do not have anything to look forward to. I am so trying my hardest to be excited about ” The Book Gu” with Lee Seunggi and Bae Suzy (Miss A) but I cant yet.. :P
Let me give you my thoughts about the ending of the That Wind, The Winter Blows. Just the ending, otherwise, I will get tired of typing if it’s from the very top :)
1.) There is really no doubt that both Song Hye Kyo and Jo In Sung are wonderful actors. They are indeed a good match up for the series! Their acting was beyond my expectations. I thought SHY wouldn’t go for heavy drama anymore after Full House, though I didn’t really watch the last K-drama she had with Hyun Bin. But man! SHY really was an amazing actress for the role! Not to mention she is really a beauty, her expressions, her eyes and her acting were awesome! She played as a blind heir of her father’s company and was in search for his departed brother. She put the right emotions I hated it that she’s too perfect for the role when I wished it was Ha Ji Won! Hahah kidding. I have to give 9/10 for SHY performance in this Kdrama.
2.) Jo Insung is already good with dramas. I think he is the only actor who was suited for the role – Oh Soo. Looks aside which is already given, he has this mannerism that you can really imagine the character as him in real life. It’s like he was not acting at all and just played his part naturally. However, there’s also this mannerism of him when he grinds his teeth, clench his jaw which I find weird and disturbing although I know it added something on the character’s persona. But still.. kekeke. I rate him 9/10 for his acting. hehe
3.) Kim Bum – I can hardly imagine he would ever do this role. I mean, I know him as a boy-next-door-type and good for romcom or feel-good or light drama and some kinda goody-goody stuff like Boys Next Door and how i really see him since he has this angelic and baby face. Must be with the hair that made him suited for the role, and he really played the role well. Well is an understatement. I hope he makes more of something like that so they boy-next-door-aura in him would be gone and people would stop typecasting him like that since he can act well.
4.) As for Kim Bum’s love interest – Jung Eunji – I have to say she was my favorite character. I know there are a lot of idols who are into acting right now but I have to put this gal on the top of my list. Simply because she was so good I adore her, she really is a born actress. I know Eunji as a member of Apink who has an outgoing and bubbly personality. She is not as beautiful as Suzy but I think (I THINK) she acts better than Suzy. :)
So about the ending, it was a so-so for me, it didn’t really leave a mark on my end and was okay. I didn’t like that it skipped from *spoiler alert* stabbing Oh Soo and then a year later he was alive. I was more wondering what happened in the middle of that “one year later”. I was expecting Oh Young’s surgery was successful and be able to gain her eyesight I understood that part later on but I wish they were able to talk about (answers) Oh Young’s questions to Oh Soo before they parted. I understand that they wont extend the series because the story will be ruined already but then the ending was not good enough for me and the ending was kinda like Nice Guy (Song Joongki), you know they ended up together but there were questions needs an answer.
But but but chicken butt.. That’s just me, my opinion != relevant to the show and the writers. It is still 7/10 drama for me because I like the actors and then the story. :) I am looking forward for awards that will be given to the actors by the end of the year.

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