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Friday, May 16, 2014

Cabilao Summer Vacay

Second outing we've had was Naomi's birthday in Cabilao, Loon Bohol. Although Naomi is my niece, that was just my second time on the island after like 4years I guess. Time flies so fast because Naomi is already 10 years old now, i know!!! But this place actually looks the same as the last time we went. This year's visit is somewhat emotional and memorable for us and Naomi especially. But you know if you are going through something the more you should push yourself to just enjoy and relax. Spent 3days - 2 nights I think on their place.


This was one of the pictorials we did for Naomi's birthday. Actually, most of the pictures are on my phone. However, this has no filter and looks fine right?

They have their own pool and a beach. 

I couldn't really get a decent picture from our digital camera so hopefully I can upload some from facebook or from my phone. This us 3.. Noah''s not looking though :)

And my ever first underwater picture. Actually no, I had one from Movenpick but wasn't clear and decent enough. LOL 

I am not sure if I could go back to this place to be honest. 80% is saying yes because I think I will have all opportunity if I have time but 20% no because I do not want to. Voluntarily saying no. Maybe I can go there again with good company but for now I couldn't think of anyone else to go there (except for family of course) .

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