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Thursday, May 15, 2014

EXO - Kris

Okay, I was about to blog about something else but here comes a very interesting one.

I have just recently been a fan of EXO (gosh! I love Growl!) and I spotted this really good looking alien from guy and automatically I liked him because of his cold aura and really good looking. KRIS. 

KRIS is a Chinese-Canadian leader of EXO-M (China group) known as Galaxy FanFan, he is the main rapper of EXO. His striking good looks, tall and cold aura is really something that stand-out. And although he barely has lines on their songs, he still stands out. 

Isn't he effin' good looking?

News broke yesterday that he sued SM (which is the #1 entertainment industry that manages SNSD, TVXQ, Super Junior, F(x), and Shinee.. and then most recent which is EXO).

Kris allegedly filed a case to nullify his contract with SM Entertainment because of inhumane treatment and having no right to which activity they can do. EXO actually just came back last two weeks ago with "Overdose" and as expected they are doing well, and they even have an upcoming concert. They are in promotion right now. They even have their own reality program "EXO, Showtime!" 

As per AKP the reason of the nullification of the contract is:
"According to several reports, Kris's side has cited that the idol is being treated as if he is an object rather than being respected as an artist. They also mention that SM one-sidedly decided on the schedules, not giving thought to Kris' opinion or his health condition. As they believe that SM is restricting Kris from his basic human right to freedom and his choices career wise, the contract should be nullified."

It is indeed shocking. Not. 
This is not the first time that this happened because last 2009 Hangeng which is from Super Junior also complained about the same thing that Kris is complaining. Apparently, Suju members did not say anything about the incident instead SM dealt with and lost. 

However, now is a different case, apparently,some EXO members have said their opinion about it. The leader of EXO-K commented when they won today: 
"All the members had a conversation. We don't understand Kris' actions at all. Everyone was caught off-guard and have mixed feelings."
Suho continued, "I think Kris' actions are irresponsible and show that he's not thinking about EXO at all. Our members and agency have no issues. What Kris needs to do right now is take back the lawsuit and apologize to the members and company."

Sehun and Chanyeol also posted something to think about post in Instagram and just a few hours ago EXO Tao posted being betrayed in IG. Apparently, EXO's Tao is the one that is closest to Kris and Tao expressed how disappointed he is. 

Some Netizen is saying that those posts are not from EXO members but from the staff of SM. And that it is true that SM have this "slave contract" thing. Some Netizens are cursing SM from left to right now because it is happening again and not to mention on their rising group - EXO. 

Which side do you think is telling the truth?
Which side should I take?
Kris who is my bias on EXO? OR SM?
What do you think?

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