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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Movenpick Resort Cebu

I was looking for something to blog about because I was so bored already, while reading any body's blog I realized I have not shared anything about my summer getaways even if summer is almost over. I have my fair-share of summer and soaking under the sun and waters this year so I am very much satisfied! :P

First off, this was actually over the Holy Week when our client told us that our business is closed every Good Friday. So we were all forced to file a leave that day and not bad enough I got to spend three days without work  and with pay(since my rest days are always Saturdays and Sundays). Although  some companies have it longer but still thankful because for a BPO they work non-stop and doesn't even honor holidays. #disadvantage.

My sister's in-laws suggested to stay at their condo unit in Movenpick. It wasn't my first time but never thought about blogging it because there were a loot of blogs about it already. However, this holy week is kind of special because I got to spend it with my closest sibs..ahm..that's a lie. LOL. I just feel that this year's was fun! :) 

Movenpick is now one of the most visited resorts in Cebu - well, in the Philippines. Eversince they have changed it from Hilton to Movenpick Cebu they have been a sight in Cebu (lost for words there). So my sibs and I went there and spent 3 days, since we are occupying the residence we were only asked to pay 300Php for the pool and beach. (posting pics later, let me just finish this before I would lose my liking to post hehe)

 They are boasting about their Ibiza which is pretty much...pretty at night! LOL


I only took these photos available on my lappy, but will upload more laters.

Their pool which is also pretty at night.
Their food which is pretty much yummy throughout but we do not spend her since we bought our own food which is fine because we were like "residence".

But actually what I like about the place is there good customer service. They are very accommodating (atleast for us). There are resorts that would follow and stare at you as if you do not belong there or would ask why are you there? The guard is already a friend to us since he would notice us more so often. Customer service is really a big factor for any business - would really matter. Even if the place is not that nice, if you get there with warm greetings and accommodating staff then it will be a worthy place to stay. 

That's all for the first part of my summer getaway. Ciao!

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