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Thursday, May 8, 2014


I know I haven't been blogging for a long time that was actually because of the less access of internet in the office and now that we are not allowed to bring our laptops outside. However, I have always been reading blogs and listens to music often when I do not have anything to do and while I was also lazy on creating my own post kekeke. 

As always reading someone else's blogs would really inspire me to the extreme! Extreme like going outside the country and live there! LOL. I have recently read a blog about a teacher who taught english in Korea and I was amazed how  he was so passionate about Korea even if he is from the US which is of course a big country not to mention the most powerful. I wonder if I could really study there? If you want to read it click here. This blog really inspired me to be a teacher, traveler, love for the country and blogger! :) 

Sometimes I wonder and I ask my self what blogging is for? As for the Merriam-Webster - blog defines as...a Web site that contains online personal reflections, comments, and often hyperlinks provided by the writer.


It's your own blog and it's your own story. You can write whatever you want. May it be a reflection of what you have seen, place you have traveled, food that you ate, book you have read, outfit of the day, and kung ano ano lang. May masabi lang.

Some gets inspired (like me) in blogging the effect would most likely be you creating a blog, how to express yourself, and build dreams of the things that you can do in the future.

Some also gets insecure. Why I couldn't go to that place? Why am I not pretty like her? Why am I not productive? Why is the world have yet to discover my existence? 

There are some who are just reading without comprehending. Just bored.

One or the other we always have different understanding on things. There are just blogs that makes you cringe and you couldn't bare to read everything but would just close your browser and shut your computer off. Either they are narcissist, they are too boastful and too much. 

For me personally, blog is like an online journal. It's like talking to a friend, it's like this is what I think, what do you think? It's not meant to be "show-off". There are things that we can express well in writing, talking to one's alter ego like a friend, it's not supposed to be a selfish act too. It's not meant to say that your life is beautiful..rather share to everyone that the world is beautiful. 

But that is just about you? what do you think?

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