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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Wedding Proposal <3

Much for the wedding ceremonies I have attended and seen I am really in awe, curious, and amazed on how the marriage proposal made. 

When I was younger Marriage Proposal wasn't really a big deal, if two partners have decided to stay together and get married then they will just plan it, tell the parents for officially taking the hand of the girlfriend from parents , plan the wedding and that's it. But now, it's not that it's totally different but sort of not really in place. 
1.) Couple would talk about the future together which is normal because, you wouldn't be in a relationship without thinking about those. Flirting/fling is not even a relationship so they wouldn't really discuss that right?
2.) Mostly it's the women would share what they want to have and be.. Sometimes, or maybe most of the times it's us who would suggest to our boyfriends on how we want the engagement, wedding, and family life (including place to live in, financial issue and kids) . And it will the boyfriends who will do  the rest. LOL now that I have enumerated it.. I realized how bossy a woman can be. LOL
3.) When it comes to a point that you both are acquainted with your families, a guy makes his move on asking the blessing of GF's family to take her hand without the GF's knowing (this would be romantic right? but this is actually optional and may not happen) 
4.) WEDDING PROPOSAL the boyfriend takes a ring out, kneels and say some thoughtful, cheesy lines and ask " Will you marry me? " 

Let's stop there.. LOL

I have read two wedding proposal stories today. One from Bianca Gonzales and the other from Saab Magalona on their blogs. And I felt overwhelmed even if it wasn't me on their shoes. LOL 
I think right now aside from getting married, wearing that white gown and having own family..having a very touching and amazing wedding proposal is a dream for every woman especially if we are on a long-time relationship. And it makes me wonder how is it gonna be with mine? LOL Will I go with the traditional? Or the modern way and get my own wedding proposal?

It would be a shame if you and your boyfriend have not talked about it yet right? And I must admit we did too. However, I had a lot of conditions before we go to that and I know my boyfriend being so obedient so he would most likely follow me. LOL or am I just assuming? It could be something different but what I have planned would most likely the one to be followed. LOL

Incidentally and it's funny that I got to read those blogposts today. April 27th, 2014. Rimond and I are celebrating our first year anniversary of being boyfriend - girlfriend. We actually do not celebrate these occasions much (20days, monthsary, and 300days), I really do not want to put pressure on him. Today, it's not like he is going to propose right? And I am pretty sure I wouldn't even accept that. LOL and I am assuming. kekeke

Whether wedding proposal is every girl's dream or not and as much as I want to have like this as well, what is more important is really the relationship you both have. Wedding proposals are still not as important as wedding, heck, you can even get married without that. It's just plainly for a woman's satisfaction and want. 

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