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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

TOP 5: Songs of the Week

Has been long time that I have not listed my top 5 songs of the week. I do not really have enough time before and even now but I just wanna share the songs that I am enjoying lately. So here we go:

1.) Goodbye by SNSD - This is from the Mr. Mr. album, track#5 LOL. I really like the tone, phase and SNSD's voice in here (especially Hyo yeon's). Of course I didn't understand the meaning of it but the soul was there, tried to look it up online and found out this was a story of a lovers separation. This is a classic song, I have been repeating the song since it was released on February 24th and I haven't been sick of it so far. LOL.

2.) I could be bias but the next song is Europa by SNSD on the same album Mr. Mr. This is not because I like this song, I don't hate it either but actually this is I think what my player keeps on playing on my player when I turn it on. LOL coincidence yes. I didn't bother to look up for the story of this song but the melody is like classic as well, it's like a song from the 80's. I feel like this song is for Jessica Jung, every time I hear it I can only hear Jessica's voice. LOL

3.) Crush by 2ne1 okay, I hate to admit. I know I have posted it before that 2ne1 always has the same genre of songs (except last year's release that didn't really do well but I liked most of it ) . I have to admit that the first time I heard it became an LSS for a couple of times already, because of the lyrics being sing-able "They love me coz I'm hot, they love me coz I'm cold, they love me coz I'm real, they love me coz I kill". See? lol I understand why people are saying that 2ne1's songs are really good. The meaning are also making sense unlike some SNSD songs that their lyrics are sometimes weird or cheesy? but with 2ne1 there's really a clear story of it...but then that is because of the rapping. You know if you talk to much with a beat you can get a song out of it. So, 2ne1 is like that. This song is the only song that I like repeating on my player. It's cool. Really.

4.) Backhug by SNSD ... yes! still under Mr. Mr. the album. LOL. This is basically a easy-to-listen-to song. It's very cheesy okaaay, but what I also like about SNSD's ballad song is that you can really feel it. I do not know how they do it but even if I do not understand the lyrics for some reason it hits me and it doesn't go away easily. Just like now I am LSS'ng humming this song :) 

5.) Mr. Mr. I have to say this is the least favorite. But then I have to keep on playing it on YT. LOL I have to and kinda get addicted to it. I have to make SNSD win on music shows. LOL So, on this way the greater the views on the MV then the more chances of winning. LOL. Actually the song is really not that bad, it's classic. I see myself listening to it on the next years or after five years and say that it is a song that I can listen to well. The music video is daebak~! I love the dance break that is also why I keep watching it on YT! My Hyo yeon is jjang, and it's amazing how they can be so feminine and boyish at the same time. :) 

So that wraps up my list for this week and for the past week :) next time again~!!

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