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Monday, March 17, 2014

Taengoo, Taeyeon, Kid Leader <3


These GIFs above are from today's Healing Camp. My heart really goes out for Taeyeon. Last year during You Hee-yeol Sketchbook they were asked who feels lonely inspite of being successful and Kid Leader stood up it broke my heart.

This lady really some kind of depression within her. And although she's one of the most popular (if not the most popular) member of SNSD who would have thought she is like this? Wae Taeng?

She is a very emotional woman, and I wonder where it is coming from. She worries a lot. 

  • When she was an SM trainee years ago she even share she ran away from practice because she was scared.
  • And then when they debuted and being the eldest she became the leader she felt that she had to bare the weight. 
  • I remembered from one show before wherein the 9members had to draw something on an island and the psychologist said that..she saw Taeng on the side letting her members draw their plans on that picture just goes to prove how unselfish she is for her members.
  • When they won the Daesang on 2010 and everyone cried and were hugging each other Taeyeon was there at the back and was consoling herself. Not that the members did not reach out to her but felt like she was feeling the same feeling as the other members and she couldn't even stop herself from crying, what more with the other members. She had to be strong.
  • One of her characteristics as an ahjumma-taeng was that she would pack  goodies from the food if they are in waiting room so they can eat something later on, share it with the members.
  • She said before that she cannot imagine herself going solo, because there are so many things she is lacking and only SNSD members can fill that space. And same with the other way around, that is what makes the group perfect.

She is very warm indeed. And these are just few of the reasons why I love Taeyeon. She's very sensitive, and I wish someone can take care of her if other members of SNSD gets their boyfriends already. 

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