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Thursday, March 12, 2015

First of 2015

I know it has been a while that I have not been blogging. It was not really katamaran and just because I don't like to. LOL. I have always been procrastinating and really tried to reflect should I? should I not post it? or even continue it. LOL. Days has also been very busy for me. Just recently, *cough* *cough* I got promoted to become the Account Supervisor (because they don't have any choice! LOL), and I want to prove (as much as I can) that I am worth it. So far, it has been running smoothly but I am still trying hard. School has been difficult lately, although little by little it made me realized that I should really be a teacher. I know in my heart that I am for it. #IClaimItOkay!

One of the reasons why I have stopped blogging because I want to blog about SNSD and it breaks my heart into pieces when I would mention that they are no longer OT9, Jessica left and could be the saddest (by far) on Soshi fandom. But you know, life moves on. They were even able to move on, so yeah. All I could hope for though is for them to be friends again -atleast. I hope when they go out from SMEnt then they can be reunited again although I think most of them will stay in SM like Tiffany and Hyo yeon.

Setting that aside, there were actually so many things that happened to me. I didn't even blog about going to Manila to reunite with my fellow Dyosas. We went to Taal volcano which was the most memorable ever! Of course being with them is the most essential part of the trip. I was kind of broke also when I came back. LOL but it was really worth it. 

However, my super love phone - S4 was broken during my stay in MLA (Taguig actually). It was my fault though because I have forced my phone to be with me when it was already almost battery empty when I could have just charged it instead so it could have been alive till now. But my maarte side brought it in the veranda of the condo we are staying and I dropped it and got pinned on the floor. :( So.. I didn't have my own pictures during our gala and all throughout my stay, except Charity lent me her phone.

It's already March and in two weeks my freshman year in college is done. Isn't that awesome? I feel really relieved and fulfilled that I have continued it and still planning to continue of course! My grades so far are getting better and better, and like a wine I wish next semester will get even greater!

It's also our second year anniversary of my boyfie (hate to really blog about my lovelife LOL) next month.  And although I really wanted to go on trips with him my parents wouldn't allow me to go overnight with him especially that we are alone #alamna. So yeah I don't really know the plan and I should plan about it because last year was just an ordinary day to us. Actually, we do not celebrate monthsaries because since he still doesn't have a stable job I don't want to pressure him with all those ka-ek-ekan. I just want it smooth as possible and not get stressed. Although right now I'd like it to be extra special.

There are so many things to look forward to, I don't even want to mention until it happens. Of course I am expecting a lot of bumpy roads ahead but I know God will guide me.. as He have always been. Just had to really keep the faith and motivation burning. Aja!!!

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